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Features and development prospects of wooden buttons

Features and development prospects of wooden buttons


Wood buttons, bamboo buttons are all plant-based stem from the processing of buttons. In the international market, the number of these buttons are a lot. Especially in recent years, as people pursue environmental quality of the green, these plants has increased the demand for buttons, including Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, consumption gradually increased. Product structure dominated by wooden buttons.

The motivation of choosing wood buttons stems from the first long-term heavy use of synthetic plastics tired of psychology. Many people believe that “natural” materials must be non-toxic to human health, and wood buttons is to meet people’s psychology. Such buttons and hemp fabric, or plain casual clothing is very match, and satisfying the needs of people unconventional, offbeat aesthetic habits.

The main component of Wooden Button is wood lignin, and highly resistant to organic solvents, also can be dry cleaning along with clothing. There is natural wood texture on wooden buttons, which are very simple and natural, plus it looks a bit rough, which is in stark contrast with plastic buttons in a high gloss.



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